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Shaftless Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

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  • This machine is used for supply paper for production
  • Max Width: 1345mm, 1600mm, 1850mm.
  • Maximum Working Diameter: 1500mm
  • Min. Working Diameter: 300 mm
  • Loading Capacity: 2000 kg.
  • The pick up arm adopted with cast Iron Curve structure, slinky firm and steady.
  • Double swing arm shaftless and all operating switches on the arm.
  • The arms can run rise down open or close and left or right which is controlled by puller pressure.

All the hydraulic parts of valves oil cylinders oil pumps are best of quality.
  • The oil Cylinders controlling up & down by two set.
  • The oil Cylinders Controlling left & right four sets.
  • Equipped with Pneumatic Tension Control brake system or Magnetic Brakes.
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