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High Speed Fingerless Single Face

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Single Facer is designed for producing single- Facer Corrugated Paper, the medium process into wave - Paper, and pastel glue on the top of flutes, stick with liner becomes into Single Facer Corrugated Paper.

Among the many innovations on the SFO 75 single facer rolls are mounted on roller bearings for high speed production and lubrication system based on high-temperature fluorinated grease which solves a long-standing industry problem with recirculating oil lubrication systems. With the elimination of lubricating oil system, the wastage of oil and leakage on the floor is prevented. High-speed production and the making of quality board across a wide range of paper grades demand precise temperature & moisture control. The integral segments are provided in SFO 75 for thermic fluid or steam heating system.

Blower type finger less machine.

  • Max Design Speed: 75 Mt./Min.
  • Max Working Speed: 70 Mt./Min.
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