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Dual Flute High Speed Single Face Paper Corrugated

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Flute Change fast, simple & safe

The HIC DF 50 single facer is a bold new design, it offers high rate of production & enhanced efficiency. The Rolls are mounted on roller bearing for smooth running & longer life, minutely finished flute rolls result in perfect formation of Flutes, high temperature fluorinated grease lubrication instead of recirculating oil lubricating system, Hydraulic Lifting reel stand with double arms lifting and twin unwinding shaft for paper reels are provided with DF-50.

DF 50 Unique Slide Roll System

  • Fast: This system allows a complete roll change in less than 30 minutes. Roll are removed & automatically to allow the plant to meet the customer needs without excessive down time.
  • Simple: Once the Roll cartridge is in place there are no adjustment to be made and no fine tuning is required.
  • Safe: Even when the rolls are hot, the foolproof design of Cartridge roll change can be routinely & safely accomplished, even by less experience crews.
  • The quick flute change capability allows the boxplant greater flexibility in scheduling as well as the ability to offer the customer whatever flute profile he needs.
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