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Dual Flute High Speed Fingerless Single Face Paper Corrugated Board

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Flute change fast, simple & safe Unique Roll Slide System

The DF 100 Single Facer is a bold New Design, it offers high rate of production & enhanced efficiency. The rolls are mounted on roller bearing for smooth running & longer life, minutely finished Flute Rolls result in perfect formation of Flutes. The quick Flute Change capability allows the box plant greater flexibility in scheduling as well as the ability to offer the customer whatever flute profile he needs.

Fingerless machine, Dam system on gumming section, Engraved roll, gum slide, two set of Flute roll, Gluing roll and doctor roll have been assembled Precise micro adjusting devices respectably.

  • Direct online Helical Gear Box Reduction.
  • Quality of Pasting glue and controlling glue is controlled by the clearance between glue roller and doctor roller, and there are mannal controlling and Auto-Controlling.
  • Glue roller and doctor roller is designed as guide way, convenient to set and dismantle, the corrugated roller and the two bearing housings can change together, shorten servicing time.
  • Inverter motor main drive.
  • PLC auto control with touch screen panel is provided.
  • Max Design Speed: 110 Mt./Min.
  • Max Working Speed: 100 Mt./Min.

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